About Us

Integrated Environmental Solutions, LLC. is a Small, Woman-Owned Business Enterprise with corporate headquarters centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in beautiful McKinney, Texas.


IES believes that our staff should focus on our client, our client’s mission/objectives, and making the client’s job considerably easier on a day-to-day basis through our efforts to assist in their environmental planning and compliance needs. The services provided by Integrated Environmental Solutions allow its clients to fully focus on their job while Integrated Environmental Solutions staff focus on compliance with environmental laws and regulatory requirements.



Integrated Environmental Solutions staff fully understands and have mastered the interrelationship between compliance with environmental laws/regulations and the specific engineering demands and constraints of a given project. Staff have extensive working knowledge of the ever-changing federal and state laws and agency regulations that can delay project implementation. Knowledge of the potential roadblocks and years of experience allows staff to routinely implement techniques and methods to save its clients time and money, avoiding delays and ensuring that mission/objectives get fulfilled on time and within budget.

Integrated Environmental Solutions offers a responsive, cost effective alternative to environmental regulatory compliance and natural resources management services – services that focus on the client, client mission/objectives, and making the client’s job easier on a day-to-day basis.